Hands-On Lab: Introduction to Azure AD

Level 200

Published 2016-04-28

Length 4 hours 45 minutes

Hands-On Lab content for the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) course. Labs include: Creating a Lab VM, Creating an Azure AD Tenet, Integrating Azure AD with On-Premise AD, Enabling use of SaaS applications, Enabling Azure Premium for Custom Branding, Application Proxy, Self-Service Password Resets, and Multi-Factor Authentication

Pre Requisites

  • A Microsoft Azure subscription is required for hands-on labs.

Lab Audience

  • IT Professionals

Lab Objectives

  • Hands-on labs for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Lab Guide

LAB 0: Create a Lab VM for the Labs (Optional)

LAB 1: Creating an Azure AD Tenet and setting the Default Directory of a Subscription

LAB 2: Integrating an Azure AD with an On-Premise Active Directory via AD Connect

LAB 3: Enabling the use of SaaS applications through Password Single Sign-On

LAB 4: Enabling Azure Premium and using Custom Branding with the Azure My Applications Portal

LAB 5: Publish On-Premise web application via Application Proxy

LAB 6: Empowering Users through self-service Password Resets

LAB 7: Implement Multi-Factor Authentication to the My Applications Portal