Hands-On Lab: Introduction to Azure AD

Level 200

Published 2016-04-28

Length 4 hours 45 minutes



Hands-On Lab content for the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) course. Labs include: Creating a Lab VM, Creating an Azure AD Tenet, Integrating Azure AD with On-Premise AD, Enabling use of SaaS applications, Enabling Azure Premium for Custom Branding, Application Proxy, Self-Service Password Resets, and Multi-Factor Authentication

Pre Requisites

  • A Microsoft Azure subscription is required for hands-on labs.

Lab Audience

  • IT Professionals

Lab Objectives

  • Hands-on labs for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Lab Guide

LAB 0: Create a Lab VM for the Labs (Optional)

In this lab you will create a Virtual Machine in Azure that will be used to complete the labs.

LAB 1: Creating an Azure AD Tenet and setting the Default Directory of a Subscription

In this lab you will create a new Azure Active Directory tenant and configure it as the default directory for your Azure subscription.

LAB 2: Integrating an Azure AD with an On-Premise Active Directory via AD Connect

In this lab, you will setup the Azure infrastructure to be able to deploy a Domain Controller and build a local Active Directory in Azure hosted on a Virtual Machine. You will then utilize Azure AD and integrate with the local Active Directory via the use of Azure AD Connect.

LAB 3: Enabling the use of SaaS applications through Password Single Sign-On

In this lab, you will setup a new SaaS Application for Single Sign-On (SSO) for the users in the demonstration organization.

LAB 4: Enabling Azure Premium and using Custom Branding with the Azure My Applications Portal

In this lab, you will enable Azure Active Directory Premium features by activating an Azure AD Premium trial and customize the branding for the organization in the Azure My Applications Portal.

LAB 5: Publish On-Premise web application via Application Proxy

In this lab, you will enable the Application Proxy on your Azure AD Tenet, install the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Application Proxy Connector tool on a Server and then enable an internal application to use the Application Proxy for authentication.

LAB 6: Empowering Users through self-service Password Resets

In this lab, you will configure your Azure Active Directory Premium for users to allow self-service password reset. This service is available for all users and requires that they register themselves for self-service password reset, using up to 2 different verification methods (Office phone, email verification or mobile phone). As password resets are the most common helpdesk issue in any organization, this is a welcome feature for most.

LAB 7: Implement Multi-Factor Authentication to the My Applications Portal

In this lab you will enable Multi-Factor Authentication on the My Applications Portal in Azure.