Implementing Azure Virtual Networks   Real Time Labs Enabled

Level 300



This course provides an in-depth examination of Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks and hybrid connectivity starting from introductory concepts through advanced capabilities of the platform. The student will learn about options for connecting securely to a virtual network from an on-premises network or from another virtual network in Azure. This course will discuss configuration options with site-to-site, point-to-site, and introduce the student to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

Pre Requisites

  • Understanding of networking concepts such as TCP/IP, subnetting and VPN technologies.

Course Objectives

  • Understand key capabilities of Azure Virtual Networks
  • Learn how to configure a VPN gateway to connect multiple regions in Azure
  • Learn how to configure virtual network peering
  • Learn how to configure point-to-site connectivity
  • Understand when to use peering, point-to-site, site-to-site, or ExpressRoute

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Module 1: Site-to-Site VPN

In this module, you will be learn the details of configuring site-to-site VPN to enable connectivity between multiple networks an an Azure Virtual Network.

Module 2: Point-to-Site VPN

In this module, you will be learn the details of configuring point-to-site VPN to allow one or more individual computers to securely connect to an Azure Virtual Network.

Module 3: Virtual Network Peering

In this module, you will learn how to connect Azure Virtual Networks using peering in combination with other connectivity options.

Module 4: ExpressRoute

In this module, the student will be introduced to core concepts in Azure ExpressRoute and learn how it can be utilized as a global connectivity solution.

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