Hands-On Lab: Deployment of Commvault Simpana V10 on Microsoft Azure

Level 300

Published 2017-01-09

Length 1 hour

In this lab, you will use a Commvault Simpana Backup management solution Version 10. Commvault Simpana manages and orchestrates the backup, recovery and security and overall maintenance of data within an organization and the systems that govern it. This document will provide detailed step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the deployment and configuration of a Commvault Simpana VM on Microsoft Azure assuming an Azure subscription has already been created. The scenarios covered are: • Setup of the Commvault Simpana VM • Enablement of Commvault Simpana for the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) • Configuration of the Simpana Solution • Deployment of a Hyper-V VM in Azure and Creation of Lab VM’s • Adding the Hyper-V Machine as a Media Agent to back up the VM’s on the host

Lab Guide

Deployment of Commvault Simpana V10 on Microsoft Azure