IL - Security and Compliance in Office 365

Course Overview
This course explores the Security and Compliance features now available within Office 365. The course starts with a general review of core Security and Compliance features found within Office 365. The course will then move into specific areas such as Data Loss Prevention, Device Management, Permissions and core Security along with overall Administration and Reporting. Each topic area will be discussed and demonstrated.
Course Details
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Level: 300
Who this course is designed for
  • IT Professional
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • IT Administrators

Course Objectives

What You Will Learn
  • Describe core Security and Compliance features found within Office 365.
  • Implement and Manage Basic Data Loss Prevention policies
  • Perform Data Loss Prevention sensitive searches
  • Create custom Data Loss Prevention policies
  • Configure basic mobile device management features within Office 365
  • Describe the Security models found within Office 365
  • Assign permissions using Office 365 roles and groups
  • Describe basic PowerShell Administration cmdlets found in Office 365 specifically for Security and Compliance
  • Use PowerShell cmdlets to administrator permissions and compliance features
  • Describe Security and Compliance reporting features within Office 365
  • Configure and view Auditing reports
  • Describe the role of Supervisory reports

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Basic knowledge of Office 365
  • Understanding of Data Loss Prevention concepts
  • Basic SharePoint Administration

Course Modules

Course Outline
Module 1 – Overview of the Security and Compliance Center

This module introduces the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. Topics include creating virtual machines, configuring the network, managing virtual machine storage, pricing a solution and bring your own license.

General Overview
Navigating the Security and Compliance Center
Management of Alerts
View Security Alerts
Overview of Permissions
Overview of Threat Management
Overview of Data Governance
Overview of Search and Investigation
Overview of Reports
Overview of Service Assurance

Module 2 – Data Loss Prevention

This module dives deeper into the Data Loss Prevention features of Office 365. Topics include understanding how Data Loss Prevention works, performing queries, defining and creating policies. 

How does Data Loss Prevention work?
Understand Data Loss Prevention Policies
Review existing policies
Customize existing policies
Apply policies to content locations
Data Loss Search Queries
Perform sensitive searches
Save sensitive searches and apply policies
Data Loss Prevention Actions
Creating custom Data Loss Prevention policies

Module 3 – Device Management

In this module, you will review the core features available within Office 365 for device management. You will also learn how to apply restrictions to devices as needed. 

Module 4 – Permissions and Security

This module is focused Permissions and user Security within Office 365. You will learn how to secure access to the Security and Compliance Center. You will also know what permissions to assign to components within SharePoint, as well as how App Permissions work within Office 365.

Security and Compliance Center Permissions
Understanding Security Roles and Groups
Assigning Permissions to OneDrive and SharePoint Online
Overall permissions
Specific access rules
Understanding App Permissions
Advanced Security Management within Office 365

Module 5 – Administration

This module is focused Administrating Security and Compliance features and components within Office 365. You will learn how to manage and control services and components using the standard site as well as how to use PowerShell scripting to perform the same actions. 

General Administration areas of the Security and Compliance Center within Office 365
PowerShell cmdlets for Security and Compliance
List all cmdlets
Script some basic commands

Module 6 – Reporting

This module introduces the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center reporting capabilities. Topics include Data Loss Prevention reporting. Supervisory reports and Auditing.

Viewing Data Loss Prevention Reports
Viewing Supervisory Reports
Auditing Reports
The Office 365 audit log report
Azure AD reports
Exchange audit reports

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