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Azure RemoteApp, from introduction to advanced (classic)

Course Overview

The Azure RemoteApp, from introduction to advanced course will help students to get acquainted with the Azure RemoteApp. The course will start with explaining Remote Desktop Services to lay a foundation for the rest of the course. After that we will dive into Azure RemoteApp by explaining the basic concept and perform an actual cloud based deployment. Next, we will cover the more advanced Hybrid Deployment including setting up connectivity to on-premises and creating custom templates. We will end the course with an discussing pricing, licensing and SLA and discuss some Tips, Tricks & Caveats.

What You Will Learn

  • After Azure RemoteApp, from introduction to advanced course, the student will gain familiarity with Azure RemoteApp, how to setup a both a Cloud- and Hybrid deployment, gain insights on how Azure RemoteApp works under the hood and have knowledge on in the licensing model of Azure RemoteApp.

Who this course is designed for

  • IT Professional
  • Technology Leader

Module 1: Introduction to RDS

What is Remote Desktop Services (RDS) o A little history of RDS o The Microsoft RDS Architecture o Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012 R2 o Desktop Virtualization solution progression

Module 2: Introduction to Azure RemoteApp

What is Azure Remote App o Today’s challenges o Why Azure RemoteApp o What are the different deployment types

Module 3: Cloud Deployments

What is RemoteApp Cloud deployment o Cloud Based Architecture o Pre-build RD Session Host images o Elastic runtime o Setting up a Cloud Deployment o Publishing applications & assigning users

Module 4: Exploring the User Experience

Azure RemoteApp user Experience o Introduction to mstsc o Introducing the Azure RemoteApp client o Install Azure RemoteApp client o Using Azure RemoteApp client o Azure RemoteApp client feature set

Module 5: Hybrid Deployment

What is RemoteApp Hybrid deployment o Hybrid Based Architecture o Creating a custom template o Creating a Hybrid Deployment o Connecting to on premises o Azure Active Directory & AD Sync Services o Adding applications & assigning users

Module 6: Licensing, pricing and SLA

Service Plans Pricing Support & SLA

Module 7: Tips, Tricks & Caveats

Tips, Tricks & Caveats o Continuous Development o Elastic runtime o PowerShell Support o Fine-grained assigning RemoteApps & bulk adding users o User Profile Disks o UDP Support o RDP Properties o Troubleshooting common errors
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