IL - Architecting Azure Solutions

Course Overview

This course is designed to help students gain valuable and in-depth architecture skills on Microsoft Azure. A wide range of Azure technologies are presented and practiced using hands-on labs. This course also includes several interactive architecture sessions where as one or more teams, students will design the appropriate solution to address an architecture scenario based on several services in Microsoft Azure.

Course Details
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Level: 300

Who this course is designed for
  • IT Professionals, Developers, Architects

What You Will Learn

  • Understand key capabilities of several Azure services
  • Understand the different compute options Azure offers such as Web Apps, Virtual Machines, Batch, Cloud Services, and introductory Service Fabric.
  • Understand how to architect solutions using Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Understand how to secure applications and data in Azure
  • Understand how to architect solutions that require hybrid identity with Azure AD
  • Understand how to architect solutions that have a variety of needs for different data sources
  • Understand Azure Governance capabilities such as the EA portal, RBAC, policies, and locks
  • Prepare for 70-535 Exam


  • Intermediate understanding of Azure Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Data Services


Module 1: Architecting Azure Virtual Machines

In this module, attendees will learn how to design solutions using Azure Infrastructure as a Service Components. This module will focus on core capabilities, use cases, and general best practices as well as discuss peripheral services such as Azure Backup and Site Recovery. 

Module 2: Architecting Azure Hybrid Identity
In this module, the attendee will learn the core capabilities and use cases of Azure Active Directory (AD). This module will emphasize strategies and techniques for integrating on-premises Active Directory with an Azure AD environment.

Module 3: Architecting Azure Governance
In this module, attendees will learn how to use features and capabilities within Azure to architect solutions to apply governance at scale with Microsoft Azure. This will include architecting the Azure EA portal for delegated access and charge back and discuss features like implementing role based access control (RBAC), and resource manager policies to enable enterprise control of an Azure deployment. 

Module 4: Architecting Azure Networking

In this module, attendees will learn about the capabilities of the Azure networking stack for connecting networks. This module will focus on capabilities and use cases so the student will be able to make an educated decision on connectivity requirements.

Module 5: Azure Security

In this module, attendees will learn key technologies and best practices for implementing secure workloads and securing data in the cloud.  

  - Design a data security solution
  - Manage security risks by using an appropriate security solution
  - Design security strategies

Module 6: Choosing the Right Storage

In this module, attendees will learn about the various storage options from SQL Database to NoSQL and Document based database technologies. This module is focused on choosing the right tool for the right job and considering the decision points architects will make when designing storage for their apps.

  - Design for Azure Storage solutions
  - Design for relational database storage
  - Design for CosmosDB storage

Module 7: Architecting Web Apps
In this module, attendees will learn how to design and scale web applications using Microsoft Azure. This module will discuss deployment and continuous integration as well as scale factors such as CDN, Caching and multi-region design. 

Whiteboard Design Session: Modern Cloud Apps 

Module 8: Architecting Data Solutions
In this module, attendees will learn the fundamentals of big data and analytics solutions in Azure. We will look at the Azure components used in big data and analytics solutions.

Module 9: Designing Messaging Solutions

In this module, attendees will learn how to build loosely coupled applications using message based architectures using technologies such as Event Grid, Storage Queues and Service Bus Queues and Topics.

Module 10: Designing Serverless Solutions

In this module, students will learn about architecting highly scalable services using batch, Serverless based architectures using Logic Apps and Functions. 

Whiteboard Design Session: Architecting a Scalable Solution using a Serverless Architecture

Module 11: Designing microservices-based solutions

In this module, students will learn how to design a container-based solution using Azure Service Fabric and container orchestration technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Module 12: Designing Solutions using AI

In this module, attendees will learn how to develop solutions that take advantage of artificial intelligence and deep learning using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. 

Module 13: Designing Media Solutions
In this module, attendees will learn how to develop media/video based solutions and services in Microsoft Azure.  This will include Azure Media Services, video indexer, video API, computer vision API, and other media related services

Whiteboard Design Session: Media Services & CDN

Module 14: Creating Compute Intensive Applications

In this module, students will understand the available services for building compute intensive applications.

Module 15: Designing IoT Solutions

In this module, attendees will learn how to develop IoT solutions using solutions and services in Microsoft Azure. Topics will include device specific protocols, IoT Hub and data ingestion strategies. 

Whiteboard Design: Designing an IoT Solution

Module 16: Operations in Azure

In this module, attendees will learn how to use services in Azure to monitor their services and solutions and to compose solutions that will effectively alert and trigger actions based on the established parameters. This module will discuss using the following services and solutions:

  - Azure Monitor, Health, Log Analytics, Security Center, Application Insights, Network Watcher
  - Chef, Puppet, PowerShell DSC, Logic Apps, Event Grid

Whiteboard Design Session: Management and Security

Learning Format

100% of the training will be taken with a live-instructor with hands-on labs and architecture design sessions

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