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Rethinking Paradigms in Networking: Firewalls in the Public Cloud

If you have ever implemented a firewall in a traditional network, almost certainly it had at least two network interfaces. One was on an untrusted side, perhaps directly on the Internet, and the other was on a trusted side. The goal, of course, is to keep unwanted traffic from reaching the trusted network. There are […]

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Bootstrapping a PowerShell DSC Pull Server and Client

Script Sample This post describes a set of PowerShell scripts that can automatically provision a PowerShell DSC Pull Server and Client using Windows Azure Virtual Machines. The scripts can be downloaded from here: Bootstrap PowerShell DSC in Windows Azure. If you find bugs feel free to fork, fix and submit a pull request. Before continuing […]

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New Whitepaper on SharePoint 2013 with Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Mike Taghizadeh, one of our Principal Consultants in Microsoft Consulting Services has written a white paper on deploying SharePoint 2013 using Windows Azure Virtual Machines. http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Technical-Deployment-db645804

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Windows Azure IaaS Webcast Series Part One – Getting Started with Virtual Machines

I’ve started a series of webcasts focused on Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service. This series is targeted at new users to IaaS and starts from the basics with creating virtual machines. I plan on building many of these webcasts to cover the getting started scenarios to more advanced topics. If you have any scenario […]

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Connecting Windows Azure Virtual Machines with PowerShell

In my post on automating virtual machines I showed the basics for getting around and managing aspects of Windows Azure VMs. In this post I want to cover a few of the more complex scenarios such as connectivity between VMs, deploying into a virtual network and finally deploying a virtual machine automatically domain joined into […]

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