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Rethinking Paradigms in Networking: Firewalls in the Public Cloud

If you have ever implemented a firewall in a traditional network, almost certainly it had at least two network interfaces. One was on an untrusted side, perhaps directly on the Internet, and the other was on a trusted side. The goal, of course, is to keep unwanted traffic from reaching the trusted network. There are […]

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Internal Endpoints and Firewall Rules with Windows Azure

I’ve learned a new lesson this past week on how Windows Azure configures firewall rules on the guest firewalls. Configuring an internal endpoint creates the following rule in the guest OS: •         NetTcpActivator •         System •         NetTcpPortSharing •         CIS:{some-guid-representing-your-worker-role}  Remote IP’s allowed are all of the role instances in your deployment. The rule is configured […]

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