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Provision NVidia GPUs and N-Series Virtual Machines in Azure

It’s been over a year since Microsoft initially announced they were bringing NVidia GPUs into Azure and making them available through the new N-series Virtual Machine instance sizes. The Azure N-Series VMs have now hit General Availability, as of December 1, and are no longer in Preview! This new VM tier and sizes offer NVidia […]

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Automate finding a unique Azure storage account name (ARM)

When building ARM-based virtual machines in Azure with PowerShell, one important step involves creating a storage account. And because the storage account name must be unique within Azure, you first need to find an unused name. To accomplish this we can use the Get-AzureRmStorageAccountNameAvailability cmdlet. This is great, but I may have to manually try […]

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Azure Dev/Test Labs

Introduction There is almost universal agreement that Development and Test environments, or “DevTest” as it’s known, should be moved to the Cloud. DevTest is probably the only workload that doesn’t have corporate issues slowing down its migration.  Aside from the security and backup of a company’s source code, there’s no reason for IT managers to […]

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Using Chef on Azure

Overview Chef is a truly great piece of software and those that are working on DevOps most likely have run across it.  Along with software like Chef Dev/Test teams are going all in with the Cloud for their work using public cloud offerings such as Microsoft Azure.  My goal here is to help you get […]

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Resources for passing Azure Exam 70-533 from Opsgility

If you are just now getting started with Azure Certification it is useful to have a roadmap on how to learn the technology in order to pass the certification. Our team of industry recognized Azure experts have built a lot of Azure training over the years, and in this case we’ve literally written the book […]

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