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Fix: Error Deploying Azure ARM Template from Visual Studio Project

Azure ARM Templates allow for workloads and environments to be easily scripted using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with a declarative approach. It’s the best way to automate the deployment and update of resources running in Microsoft Azure. The ARM Template authoring tools in Visual Studio help greatly in authoring and testing ARM Template Deployments directly […]

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Can an Azure Resource Manager policy be overridden?

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) policies are a powerful governance capability that allows administrators to accomplish many things, such as: Define a ‘service catalog’ (which services may be created) Control the Azure regions in which resources may be deployed Enforce the use of ARM tags on resources etc. The use cases for ARM policies is limited […]

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Automate finding a unique Azure storage account name (ARM)

When building ARM-based virtual machines in Azure with PowerShell, one important step involves creating a storage account. And because the storage account name must be unique within Azure, you first need to find an unused name. To accomplish this we can use the Get-AzureRmStorageAccountNameAvailability cmdlet. This is great, but I may have to manually try […]

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Two new Azure PowerShell Posts in the Reference Guide

I have added two new posts to the Azure PowerShell reference guide for IaaS.. Using Reserved IPs with Azure Virtual Machines Using the Azure Internal Load Balancer with Azure Virtual Machines Enjoy!

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Bootstrapping a PowerShell DSC Pull Server and Client

Script Sample This post describes a set of PowerShell scripts that can automatically provision a PowerShell DSC Pull Server and Client using Windows Azure Virtual Machines. The scripts can be downloaded from here: Bootstrap PowerShell DSC in Windows Azure. If you find bugs feel free to fork, fix and submit a pull request. Before continuing […]

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