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Practice the principals and concepts of Microsoft Azure at your fingertips with Real Time Labs

Studies have consistently proven that students that perform projects hands-on have a much deeper understanding of the topic at hand, compared just listening to a lecture, such as traditional video-based training. To help close the learning and skills gap, today, we’re introducing Real Time Labs. Real Time Labs is a hands-on lab learning environment integrated […]

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Opsgility expands Microsoft Visual Studio partnership to Professional and Enterprise subscribers

I am excited to share that today at Microsoft Build, we announced the expansion of our current Microsoft Visual Studio Dev Essentials partnership to include Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions. As you may remember from the Visual Studio launch in March, Visual Studio Dev Essentials members were offered access to a free […]

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Opsgility joins forces with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program

I’m excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Microsoft to offer Visual Studio Dev Essentials members access to our full catalog of courses. This partnership will help your cloud company to the next level!

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Latest update and roadmap for Opsgility.com

The team has been as busy as Christmas elves over the last few months preparing a ton of new features and online courses for the cloud. In this post, I’ll do my best to give you a quick summary of all the fantastic things the team has been building. Teams and Learning Paths for Business […]

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Introduction to the Opsgility Cloud Sandbox

Announcing the upcoming preview of our new Cloud Sandbox service for Microsoft Azure. The Cloud Sandbox will help you stop overspending on development, test and training with Azure and will allow you to provide access to Azure at scale WITHOUT losing control. Watch our new video for details or you can sign up for the […]

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