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Explore Opsgility’s On-Demand Subscription features for teams

Posted on: October 31, 2017 by Michael Washam

Your team subscription is the first step in your team’s educational journey at Opsgility! As an administrator, you can manage your team’s subscription, you can view a summary of account activity statistics to include but not limited to License Details, Active Students, hours of online courses watched, course completion statuses, and much more! Let’s take a closer look at how to manage your team’s subscription.

Team Management

With Team Management, you can delegate learning management to team leads with customizable learning plans in a matter of seconds for easy management. Creating a ‘Team’ is as simple as selecting Add, creating a team name, selecting a number of provided licenses and assigning a team owner. There are two ways to quickly add members to your team. For subscribed members, just drag their name from left to right. You can also invite new users by inputting their email addresses, and an auto-generated email will be sent requesting their registration.

Learning Plans/Course Assignments/Reports

Creating customized learning plans allow for targeted learning with defined goals set by you. Having an effective learning plan enables you to maintain a solid foundation in your team’s educational success! Let’s setup a learning plan! For example, let’s find Microsoft Azure and expand the plan for Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. If the entire course plan is available, drag it from the left, and drop it to the right. All courses are now populated. You also have the option to select individual courses. Just drag and drop them from left to right like you did before. If by chance you’ve added a course that you don’t want or no longer need, you can remove the course simply by clicking on the X. Once you have your learning plan created, we’ll select Add, and now you see, your new learning plan is now available.

Now it’s time to assign a course to a team member. This is accomplished by creating a Course Assignment. Begin by selecting Add, assigning it to a team and selecting an available learning plan. Now you have the choice to assign a due date for completion of this course assignment. For example, let’s say we’ll go to October 31st. Notify Users will create an auto-generated email with the list of courses assigned within the learning plan within the specific team. We’ll select Add, and as you can see, our course assignment is now created. If at any time you need to edit this course assignment, it’s as simple as selecting EDIT. You can also delete course assignments.

To capture detailed analysis on course activity, click on Reports. The Opsgility Learning Management System provides these reports from a high-level summary to granular detail to keep track of your team’s learning progress at a glance. In general, the reports are categorically broken down.

Configure/Credit History

Configure is where you can view advanced details for users within your team. In addition to License Details, you have access to the number of Lab Credits assigned and issued to your account. You can also purchase additional Real Time Lab credits at your leisure. We do provide several ways of filtering your subscription account through the various columns available. Finally, upon issuance of Real Time Lab credits, you can conveniently view a comprehensive and historical breakdown of your team’s credit activity in one place by selecting Credits History.

Start learning & exploring

There you have it! You’ve just received firsthand knowledge on Opsgility’s spectacular team features! Get started online now at If you have questions while getting your team set-up, chat with us live online or you can email us at

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