Opsgility On-Demand Training

Team Based Learning Management

The Opsgility Learning Management System is ideal for accelerated learning for busy professionals that are part of an organization. It is designed to allow readiness leads within an organization to manage and track the progress of students through the entire learning lifecycle from foundational training to ongoing education.

Features include (and many more):

  • Organization level and team based readiness reporting
  • Create and assign custom learning paths with goal dates
  • Delegated learning management - assign readiness leads by team
  • Real Time Lab environment management

On-Demand Training

Opsgility provides comprehensive set of on-demand training courses focused on the Microsoft Cloud complete with built in access to Microsoft Azure so you don't have to worry about managing subscriptions. As a Microsoft Learning partner we also offer the latest Microsoft Official Curriculum On-Demand products for enterprise products like Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and More.

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Real Time Labs (Learn by Doing)

Studies have consistently proven that students that perform projects hands-on have a much deeper understanding of the topic at hand, compared to just listening to a lecture such as traditional video based training.

Real Time Labs from Opsgility provides students with the ability to perform practical exercises within the technology in a real-time and isolated environment to allow a truly immersive learning experience. A student can take advantage of Real Time Labs by first purchasing the lab credits required for the course of interest and then Real Time Labs will setup all of the necessary tools and additional dependencies behind the scenes for the student to begin their learning journey.