Content Development

Let our Cloud experts create custom learning tools for your company!

Content Development

Many of your educational and marketing needs are individual to your company. You have specific technologies and challenges that need to be addressed and it can be difficult to find standard educational materials that cover what you need while excluding what you don’t.

With Opsgility’s Content Development program, we can customize learning tools that deliver company-specific training and messaging to your team and customers.

Opsgility’s Content Development is 100 percent customized and is developed by the same industry experts who create our standard Microsoft Cloud Technology courses. The training tools will cover the exact Cloud technology topics that you want at the level of detail that you need—whether that’s a general overview or a deep dive.

In addition to the technology training, these custom programs help to effectively convey your company’s brand and messaging within the training tools—a benefit for both your staff and your customers!

Custom Content Development Options:

  • Custom Course Session (the IP is yours so you have full ownership of the course and its materials)
  • Educational White Papers
  • Technology Demonstrations
  • Training Labs
  • Customer Presentations
  • Marketing Materials